Note about Fake Website

In 2014 someone with an IP address in Japan purchased the domain name and used it to create a strange duplicate of my website. It looked almost exactly like this website except it said I was the editorial manager of Rutgers (yes, the whole university) and for the first line on my CV it had this: “Blake Roeber GUCCI! GUCCI! GUCCI! GUCCI!” Then, in  2015, changed entirely to a blog about women’s hair loss. Last time I looked, was sitting there blank. No Gucci ads, nothing about hair loss. Nothing at all. I’m hoping it stays that way. But since I never had any control over it in the first place (or any idea who was responsible, or any idea why they were doing it, or any way of stopping them), I thought I’d mention it here, on my real website.

If something suddenly appears at, PLEASE DISREGARD IF IT’S WEIRD!